Is God the Destroyer?

1 Corinthians 10:10 And do not complain, as some of them did — and were killed by the destroyer.


In a previous reading we read that some were burnt to death by God for complaining. Is this what Paul was referring to here? If so, is he referring to God as “the destroyer?”

10 responses to “Is God the Destroyer?

  • nunez2717

    Hello and God Bless you!

    Very awesome passage. In reading it over and over again, I remembered when God sent the destroyer out to kill the Egyptians in the book of Exodus 12:23. The destroyer here is most likely referred to as Angel of the Lord (see also 2 Samuel 24:16). Now, if you look at Exodus 3:2, you notice, “And the Angel of the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire from the midst of a bush…” We know that this Angle of the Lord was God himself because as you read on, Moses is about to get closer to the bush to figure out how it is burning yet it is not being consumed. Then in verse 4 it says, “So when the Lord saw that he(Moses)turned aside to look, GOD called him…” So, in answering your question, The Angel of the Lord which is God himself is the destroyer.

    Very good blog. God Bless you!

  • Doris Tracey

    God is a deliverer and a destroyer. He teaches us to transform all negative or mother energies back to the positive energies of the father. There must be a polarity of Father/ Mother energies (Alpha/Omega) for life to continue in this earth plain.

  • heardofgod

    Exodus 12:23 “For the LORD will pass through to smite the Egyptians; and when He sees the blood on the lintel and on the two doorposts, the LORD will pass over the door and will not allow the destroyer to come in to your houses to smite you.”

    2 Samuel 4:16 When the angel stretched out his hand toward Jerusalem to destroy it, the LORD relented from the calamity and said to the angel who destroyed the people, “It is enough! Now relax your hand!” And the angel of the LORD was by the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite.

    1 Chronicles 21:15 “And God sent an angel to Jerusalem to destroy it; but as he was about to destroy it, the LORD saw and was sorry over the calamity, and said to the destroying angel, “It is enough; now relax your hand.” And the angel of the LORD was standing by the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite.”

    Hebrews 11:28 “By faith he kept the Passover and the sprinkling of the blood, so that he who destroyed the firstborn would not touch them.”

    The destroyer seems to me to be an angel of the Lord that has a specific duty of Destrying those that God dipatches him to. I’d say yes The destroyer is ultimately God.

    Whatever Doris is trying to say, forget it: Galatians 1:8 But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we have preached to you, he is to be accursed!

    Yikes! I’m still not sure what she thinks is going on. No where is that in scripture.

    God Bless,


    • John

      If you study carefully the Angel of the Lord through the Old Testament you will see that He receives worship and is referred to as God Himself. Many have seen and recognized that these appearances of the Angel are Christophanies (pre-incarnate appearances of Jesus Christ before He came in the fullness of time as Emmanuel “God with us”). We are told in the New Testament by the apostle John that no one has ever seen God. This is true and is a reference to God as a spirit, in all His glory and refers to God the Father. Jesus Christ, His only Son has revealed Him (John 1:18) and is the only Mediator between God and man (1 Tim. 2:5) and has always been the only Mediator between God and man because He has always existed (John 1:1-3). So, we should not be surprised to see Him appear in the Old Testament with His people. Jude 5 says, “Now I want to remind you, although you once fully knew it, that JESUS, who saved a people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed those who did not believe.” (ESV). Bet you don’t remember reading that verse! But it is one of many (1 Cor. 1:1-10) that affirm the fact that Christ was very active and present since the beginning and is the Creator as much as is the Father and the Spirit (Col. 1:16; John 1:1-3, 10).
      So, who was the Destroyer of Ex. 12? If the blood of the Passover Lamb (a picture of Christ’s sacrifice of Himself, He is the Passover Lamb of God for sinners – 1Cor. 5:7) was not on the lintel and doorposts to cover the sins of the people, Christ the Angel of the Lord, the Destroyer, would judge those not covered by the blood. In like manner, if you don’t have the blood of Christ covering your sins, Christ will be your judge and will say to you, “Depart from me, I never knew you.” He is the Savior and He is the Judge.

  • Stephen

    Doris needs to stop watching Oprah.

    I agree with Sam as to the identity of the Destroyer.

  • linnhtetmaw

    Keep on Reading that Bible yep…. that book that inspires and propagate

    But thats not all about life. Life is more wonderful than that whats on that book.

    I keep seeing preacher just refering to that book. Let just say that if that book was written by some human.
    Oh man all u are on the wrong path. No wonder the earth is so screwed these days.

    But i respect Jesus as well as allah. For they have taught the good things to do and to follow. Just i don’t believe he is the son of god.

  • Sam

    Repent!!! Who are you to question anything God does or says?

  • Question God; Don't Question the FSM

    @Sam Why can’t we question God? Than we can’t question the FSM.

  • Marxel Esquilin

    Life and the Universe is more than a lot of you guys are looking too. If you have been touch by the One who chooses (Jesus of Nazareth, He chose us not us Him [John 15:16] and we are seal, born again and baptize with the evidence He gives if you seek this awesome anointing) then you must understand that there is a greater purpose to us all for He will make us kings and priests. Now kings is understood but priests? This last is a mediator between the Creator and His creation. The question is “Will there be creators after the calling of the church to heaven that will need mediators as priest to seek the LORD’s face? Christ is made High Priest forever to the LORD God the Father and the chosen priest under Him…The Scriptures says that God is love but He is also a Consuming fire and it is a deadly thing to fall in the hands of a living God…So there is more to understand about the LORD through the Great Book (Bible) than meets the eyes…This is why popular religion or American Christianism is behind much understanding…Jesus of Nazareth is our Lawyer now but after the Trumpet Sound and rapture of the saints (the Church) He will be the Judge of man, not a lawyer so find Him now that He is willing, for then is to late…Is God the Destroyer…you betcha…Remember all Absolutes are manifested in Him and Paul said that: “He cannot denied Himself,” (1 Tim. 2:13) so that when His Absolute Authority was crossed She demanded an Absolute Judgement and in Christ He has found that expression…For He was to destroy all but He is also Love so there was an internal conflict that in Christ was corrected as Colossians 1:19, says: “For it pleased the Father that in Him should all fullness dwell, and having made peace through the blood of His cross, by Him to reconcile all things unto Himself — by Him, I say, whether they be things on earth or things in heaven.” Meaning that Christ created a simultaneous expression by this event, Grace for those who repent but eternal damnation to those that wont in and eternal hell of fire…All Judgement is in God’s hand even that of the devil and his angels with all humans that will not obey His Holy Spirit by the washing of the blood to be touch by Him, (Mat. 25:41), so the good news is that today is the day of salvation before the trumpet sounds…Marxel

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