If you curse your parents, you must be put to death

Exodus 21:17 Anyone who curses his father or mother must be put to death.


Do you think this is a bit extreme?

3 responses to “If you curse your parents, you must be put to death

  • Doris Tracey

    God says neither sware by heaven or by earth or under any other oath and God swares in his wrath…

  • Heard of God

    I think an unjust crucifixion was extreme, but if a man who wanted to be a part of the Kingdom of God, (then Israel) chose to enter into a covenant with God, and they did have a choice, notice the word ‘if’ in verses like Exodus 19:5, then being held to that covenant is not too extreme. The man had just as much choice as we do. And just as much warning as we do. “Be a part of the Kingdom through the obedience of faith, or perish”. Or should a person be able to keep a vehicle that they are not making their payments on? They agreed to make the payments and the contract stated the consequences giving them ample warning. I’m sure that even if it was a mother of five and she no other way to get to work, that you would agree that the consequences are not steep because she agreed to them. Don’t pretend that you have this “God” and “The Bible” thing figured out as though others have the wool pulled over their eyes. Or did you think God was imposing these people. They walked through the Red Sea. They made a choice and if they take upon themselves the name of God and that, in vain, then they should have read the contract a little more carefully.

    And Doris, in Jesus’ day there was a system of oaths that seemed to have been created because of dishonesty. Not only that but some of the oaths were actually intended to be broken. The system was faulty. However, if you are an honest individual you will not only keep oaths, but you keep your word regardless of whether you were under oath or not. Only dishonest people need to swear on something bigger than themselves in order to attain credibility. Matthew 23:16-22 gives an idea of the faulty system of oaths that Jesus was most likely addressing. You can see that they probably didn’t intend on keeping some of their oaths by how they say that some are binding and some are not. Only a liar would argue whether or not an oath was binding. I don’t think there is anything wrong with swearing on oath, but you won’t have to if you are honest.

  • chris ward

    This is from the old testament in witch is no longer used as a way of life. unless you havnt read the new testament. times change. im not arguing but thats funny if thats the case iv ben over due for about a million deaths.

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