2 Timothy 3:16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.

There are many times that we are selective in the Scriptures we read. In this blog, I will attempt to bring a balance by highlighting these ignored verses many Christians SHOULD consider “unholy” since they contradict modern Christianity’s definition of God, Jesus, the commandments, and the church.

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  • Tina

    I’m curious as to why everything in the bible has to be deciphered.
    Personally I haven’t read the bible but there are so many different interpretations for the passages, even in the same church. I enjoy your posts.

  • глагол

    I doubt your intentions are to bring balance as you are doing exactly what you are complaining about – being selective in what you read and ignoring verses. But that is your problem, I just wanted to mention, once I stumbled upon your blog, that not everyone is practicing such ignorance.
    Greetings and best wishes.

  • Robin

    A common misconception is that “the scriptures” referred to are the entire collection of manuscripts. When the NT refers to the scriptures, they are referrng to the Torah or the Septuagint (The first five book of the OT traditionally attributed to Moses).

  • Ish

    If there is nothing about Jesus’s teaching or insight or person that draws a someone-well then I wouldn’t be a Catholic-Quaker either.

    I found this by site by accident, & saw one of my favourite violent Psalms. I have sang the Psalms a lot. The mistake is that they are poetry, not instruction-ask a non-fundamentalist theologian. I like the violent psalms because the psalms are an expression of the whole range of human feelings-including hatred. And admitting what I actually feel sometimes- including those that I’d rather suppress-is good, healthy psychology.

    Funny, qualified theologians from Harvard or contemplatives from Bose do not ignore the ugly things in the bible-just like if I am to become whole, better I do not ignore the ugliness inside me-it is part of the whole. Funny, these same people do not recommend or ignore the violence. Why? Ever heard of a “text in travail”? Or or scripture in the light of ones own experience? Or the last 50 yrs of “Old Testament Studies”?

    The kind of stuff on here is nothing new-if one is truly interested than I suggest Richard Rohr, James Alison, Rene Girard, etc. If you are not, well, at least you get us to ask questions about our faith-so thank you for that. Although probably your real motive is a fear & hatred of Christianity. That is nothing to be ashamed of. =^) – I feel fear & hatred of things too sometimes.

  • Piet

    Dear Mr.

    To promote skepticism/critical thinking I wrote some questions for the Christian believer. Are you able to put the link to these questions at your blog.

    Thank you very much,

    Piet – Rotterdam – Netherlands.

    The original questions

    The translation

  • Daniel

    I just wanted to say keep up the good work. There is so much in the bible that is “interpreted” in a way that is total bogus by most churches and ministers e.g., Paul sending back the slave to his master, somehow is interpreted as a “good thing” and not pro-slavery. The sad thing is that most bible scholars are aware of the problems, but do not tell the individual christians about them. No good christian can claim they believe in a literal translation, and it is so frustrating when they say that they do. I end up explaining the term “literal” to them, but by then I know I’ve lost them.

  • Rosemay T. Latortue

    This is a very interesting site. It is agreeable to provide some explanations to these Scriptures. The Bible is a Middle-Eastern book written in a different historical time frame, and needs to be understood as such.You are ‘on target.’

  • Robert Storm

    I am a Christian. I am a preacher. And most Christians are FUCKED UP! Life is real. The Bible truly depicted real fucking life and most Christians refuse to see it, becoming more and more like the hypocritical Pharisees. Holding to their own man made law and interpretations than exactly what God says. Jesus called a woman a bitch. Get over it, stuck up Christians. We need reality in our churches. He also got kicked out of church for preaching a sermon they didn’t like. He was called a winebibber or a drunk. He hung out with sinners, normal everyday fucking people, not the leaders of the church. He went into their church aka synagogue and kicked over furniture, called them fucking thieves. The church people said He worked for the prince of the devils and cast out demons in the name of Satan. He told the leaders of the church of His time that they were Hypocrites. He told them to their face. He would be ashamed of the fucking bull that is called the church today. He was homeless. He disobeyed laws, especially about the Sabbath (the Holy Day). And He was holy. He kept the Sabbath day Holy too, which was a command straight from God. He just did it His own way. None of those things is a sin. Analyzing Scripture, we see that God didn’t say any of that was a sin. It’s all human interpretation that does that. Jesus showed that hypocrisy was at it’s finest. And today, we’re at it again.

  • Mark

    Who do you contact on this website about editing or removing comments you have made on various blogs? One of my comments was marked “this comment is awaiting moderation” and after remaining on the blog for a week or so, it was removed completely. Who filters the information? I think this website needs more access to an administrator or contact person for questions and information.

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